Breaking down superstructures and defining the sense of possibility.

Bonding to the rhythm of nature, giving an always new life to the seasonal gift of the local raw material, putting the moment on the plate, that “right now” connected to the taste sensation of that exact moment and the desire to share it with every ounce of intuition and charisma.
A circle of flavors that flows synchronized to an hospitality that wants to be interpretation of desires, tastes and expectations that everyday sit down at the table of a restaurant. A display of human experiences that courtesy and smiles are able to read.

St. Hubertus (Norbert Niederkofler) Le Meurice (Alain Ducasse), Restaurant Relae (Copenaghen), some of the experiences and fertile soil in which the formation of the chef Stefano Zanini puts its roots; Le Calandre in Padova ad Cffè Stern in Paris (Alajmo), AlpiN Food Space & Restaurant (Plan de Corones), among the focal points that shaped Mattia Moro, maitre. Study, effort, and ambition of two parallel paths that crossed at the Hotel SIgnum restaurant (Salina Island, Sicily), creating a close alliance and symbiotic exchange of creativity and construction that now leads to the birth of their restaurant in Desenzano del Garda: MoS

MoS wants to be expression of a spontaneous cooking, a culinary philosophy that follows the rhythm of nature and aligns with the daily offer of the raw material of the territory; a territory made of local producers devoted to the authenticity of tradition and innovation of sustainability, food and wine artisans: two MoS key points that follow the rythm of season changing.

The culinary narration of MoS is therefore devoted to a continuous flow, an evolution of flavours that does not intend to become static in time: being static brings to an unproductive food habit as a result.

And the choice of the name refers to the concept of habit: in classical Latin, mos is, in fact, the habit, the repetition of codes and customs that become echo.

With their restaurant, Stefano Zanini and Mattia Moro want to break this habit. This spontaneous cooking is a manifesto of an alphabet of flavours linked to the moment, all made possible by the food artisans of the territory and the local raw material. The mission is breaking the repeated food rituals to create a restaurant empathically connected to the moment.